Thursday, October 22, 2009

Giveaway - Bebe Au Lait Hooded Towel

It’s almost Halloween! Here’s what James has been for Halloween the past 3 years:

1 year old: A Green Bay Packer

2 years old: A Green Bay Packer
3 years old: A Wisconsin Badger

Do you sense a pattern? It’s clear that I either a. Have a boy who really loves football (which is true) or b. Lack a certain creativity gene when it comes to designing Halloween costumes (whic
h is also true). So, this month’s giveaway will be about costumes! To enter, just comment on this post with a description or a picture of your child’s favorite Halloween costume. I’ll randomly select one of the comments to win a Bebe Au Lait Hooded Towel. The deadline for entering this giveaway is November 5th.

The Bebe Au Lait Hooded Towel is made of super soft plush cotton terry cloth and is generously-sized so that you can easily wrap up your little one post bath time. It is, of course, machine washable (a mom must!) and comes in a wide variety of Bebe Au Lait designs. Function and style all in one fabulous towel.

When you comment, make sure you include your first name and e-mail address so we can let you know you’ve won. You also might also want to add your e-mail to the mailing list for this blog so that you know when we have our next contest. Good luck and Happy Halloween!


  1. My 5 month old baby boy - Jake - will be a little turkey this Halloween. It fits his personality, and a jake is a baby turkey.

    I enjoy your blog and your store. (Just ordered some BabyLegs and waiting for them to get here.)


  2. My 19 month old little girl, Bailey, will be a ladybug this Halloween. She is super excited because it matches her new "big girl" room & is so proud to be a "bug". She is also loving her new ladybug night light from Baby Bella! Her picture is at the following link:

    Happy Halloween!

  3. My 4 year old DD is a piece of SUSHI! We already had our neighborhood "trick or treat" day and had so many people stop her and take a picture! So funny! It's homemade out of thick cardboard and black duct tape (nori seaweed) for the roll and then glued on packing peanuts for the rice. A paper plate with spicy tuna, avocado, and roe painted on it in the center. Of course we stuck a couple of chopsticks in her hair and she wore mint green BabyLegs for the wasabi! Here's a link for a pic: My favorite Sushi!

    chigirljenn at yahoo dot com

  4. Okay, ladies, the winner is.... #3! Thanks for the comments-- it's so fun to hear about other kid costumes and to see the pictures of a couple of them. :)

    James was Iron Man this year-- a store bought costume, but at least we got off the football player theme!