Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Top Ten Things I Learned from My Baby

1. Forgive easily and hold no grudges.
The other day at her 4 month check up, I watched Kasia cough and gag when the physician stuck the tongue depressor down her throat. She fussed and cried at the indignity of it all. Then she blinked and looked up at the physician with a huge smile and cooed at him. The world would be a much gentler place if we all forgave so easily.

2. Take delight in the little things.
Look at that!! My hand opens. And it shuts again. And it opens. And shuts. Can you believe this thing? And ooooooh, there’s my toes!

3. Smile at people.
More often than not, they’ll smile right back.

4. Sleep when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry, cry when you’re sad.

We’d all be thinner, more rested, and more mentally stable if we only just followed those three simple rules.

5. If you fall seven times, get up eight.
Despite the fact that she’s toppled over countless times, Kasia is still determined to sit up on her own. No frustration, no hurry. Just quiet persistence.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.
Kasia has no trouble letting me know if she needs a toy that’s out of her reach, a snuggle, or a bite to eat. We’d probably all be a bit better off if we just told others what we need.

7. Love to learn.
It’s a delight to watch Kasia discover her world; she explores each new thing with such curiosity and wonder. I hope that can follow her lead and never forget to take delight in learning all there is to know about this vast world in which we live.

8. Laugh.
When you do, it brings smiles to the faces of others and joy to the day.

9. When you’re feeling grumpy, take a little nap.
The whole world looks better when you are well rested.

10. Love with all your heart.
Enough said.

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