Sunday, February 21, 2010

Giveaway - Trumpette Socks

Snow, snow, go away, come again another day….

It’s February in Wisconsin and that means cabin fever. And oh my, do we have it. We spend our days dreaming of the time when we can go outside and spend hours playing in the warm sunshine. It looks like that day isn’t going to come anytime soon, however. So I’m on the prowl for fun indoor activities and that means that this month’s giveaway is all about keeping kids entertained when they can’t go outside. I pulled out one of my favorites this week when we were stuck inside all day. I set James up with a sink full of soapy water, a big pot, a stirring spoon, measuring cups, and any old spice jars I could find that were almost empty: all the makings for a “soup” making session. He happily measured soap bubbles, sprinkled spices, poured water and stirred up his “soup” for nearly 45 minutes (insert big sigh of relief here).

Comment on this post with one of *your* favorite ideas for indoor entertainment, and you’ll be entered in this month’s give-away for some cute little Trumpette Bunnies Socks! If I randomly select your comment to win the Trumpette Bunnies socks, you’ll receive them just in time to dress your little one for this year’s Easter holidays.

When you comment, make sure you include your first name and e-mail address so we can let you know you’ve won. You also might also want to add your e-mail to the mailing list for this blog so that you know when we have our next contest! The deadline for this contest is March 8th. Good luck and stay warm!


  1. Mine is the "masking tape house!" Cheap and hours of entertainment!

  2. let the kids have the living room for the day -m give them blankets couch cushions, sleeping bags, fishing poles, ect and have them create a campsite. It lets them messy one room in the house while i clean the rest. then we break a house rule and have a picnic dinner in the living room


  3. It's been so rainy and unusually cold here this year, that when the Grandkids come over, it is fun to look back at what I did as a child to entertain them. We bowl with a tennis ball and washed out soda bottles. We play Toss the Clothespin, using a large pickle jar and clothespins. And then, years ago, I got a round styrofoam cap with holes in it, that came in a box that held prewarapped ready to eat sausages. I put letters or math problems (depending on age) above each hole (more like a mid size belly button) with easy to peel off tape and we create our own games with it. It was a great learning tool with my daughter and is proving to be so once again.
    I'd love to win the socks for my granddaughter.

  4. Not sure if it's too late for this, but I like to do a dance party. Turn on some fun dance music and dance, dance, dance! Helps with nap time too!


  5. My 9-month-old cam be entertained for minutes (long time for an infant!) with empty boxes, like the large diaper box.


  6. Well my little one is still too little to worry about being stuck in the house but when i was a Nanny we would make tents out of everything in the house we could and tunnels, etc. It was great... plus we loved baking!

  7. Thanks for all the comments! Loved the masking tape house idea, Tiny Oranges! I hadn't heard of that one; I'll have to try it next time we're stuck inside.

    This month's lucky winner is... Number 5, Gina! Congrats! :)