Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random musings from a tired mom

It’s been a crazy week in our house. We’re having our floors redone (goodbye 1970, hello 2010!). I’m super excited about the new floors but not so in love with the process of actually getting them redone. Nothing says craziness like having the refrigerator and stove in the middle of your living room. As a result, I haven’t had a lot of time to form many coherent thoughts about motherhood recently. I have, however, taken notice of some of the random questions that have flittered through my mind over the past few days. Here’s a sampling.

*Is the gassiness that awakens Kasia in middle of the night due to the chocolate I am eating? If so, does that mean I have to choose between good quality sleep and chocolate? And if so, does anyone know how to do this?

*Is it possible to get arrested for pumping while driving? And if I do get pulled over for inattentive driving, will I also get a citation for indecent exposure?

*Did my parents sneak candy from my Easter baskets, too? How did I not know this?

*Will these children of mine ever understand how much I love them? Did my own mom love me this much? And how did I not know *this*?

*Is it considered bad form to watch Dancing With the Stars with James when Kasia takes her nap? Does it change your answer if I tell you that, when we went to vote for our local city council, James answered a man’s question about who he was going to vote for by saying “Kate Gosslin” ?

*Why can I never remember to cut my children’s nails while they are sleeping?

*How do those other moms get their baby girls looking so snappily dressed? Do they do it on the first try or are they secretly changing their babies’ outfits a few times before leaving the house? And which is the worse of two evils: Going out in public with a sadly dressed, frumpy little baby girl or subjecting said baby girl to four outfit changes while I try to get it right?

*Why on earth did we wait so long to get the darkening curtains for James’ room?

*How bad is it, really, to bribe my son with a Happy Meal to keep him quiet during a phone call for work?

*Why, oh why, do my children insist on waking up early only on those days when we could sleep in late?

*How long is too long to go without shaving my legs? Does the answer change if I only wear long pants?

*When is Kasia going to get some teeth? And, when she does, will she bite me while nursing? And if she does, how much will that hurt?

*How did I forget how hard it is to change the poopy diaper of a baby who just wants to flip over and crawl away?

*How did I get so lucky? What did I do to deserve this? And how can I get the time warp I’m in to slow down so it doesn’t go so fast? :)


  1. Great article Becca. I went through a lot of the same situations. Here's what I learned: Yes, chocolate makes the baby gassy, but my baby gave me heartburn when I was pregnant and ate chocolate, so now she can see what a little discomfort feels like, because we can only survive for so long with limited chocolate. Pumping while driving is a necessity and a talent. Often times it's unavoidable, males understand this right??? You will only remember to cut your child's nails after they scratch up thier pretty little faces. (mommy guilt). Shaving legs is not necessary when wearing pants. Yes, Kasia will bite you when she gets teeth, and yes it will hurt, but after one or two unexpected screams of pain, she will be just as shocked and she will stop biting. So enjoy them while they are young, bcuz too soon they will be teenagers, and heaven forbid she get a zit, and have to go to school, and somehow it will be your fault because you couldn't get rid of it for her.

  2. I love it, Linda. You couldn't prevent the zit? What kind of mom are you?? (LOL). You should really start a blog about raising teens. It would help prepare me for what is to come!!

  3. Is it bad to secretly put the kids to bed early on a night when the hubby is out... you know, get a little extra Mom time? I ate the Easter candy too. I think my hubby would rather I ate it anyway, than expose the kids to all that terrible *sugar*! Pumping while driving, you ARE a talented woman! Hey, we used to ride around without car seats, bumping into each other in the back seat :) My mother in law, even claims she nursed her kids while driving to town! How's that for loony? LOVE your honesty, and humor. Thanks :)

  4. I've totally done that, Stephanie!! But my kids were "tired," so they "had" to go to bed early... ha ha. :)