Monday, January 25, 2010

Giveaway - Rockabye Baby CD

Discipline, behavior management, getting ‘em to do what you want them to do. No matter what you call it, every parent faces it. I’m looking for new ideas, so this month’s give-away is a call for behavior management ideas. Tried and true or original, wacky or boring… it doesn’t matter to me, just give me what you’ve got!

Comment on this post with an idea for helping teach children what is and is not okay, and you’ll be entered in this month’s give-away for a Rockabye Baby CD. Baby Bella carries a wide variety of these CDs, each of which has a good number of rocks songs that have been transformed into instrumental lullabies. To see my review of the Rockabye Baby CDs click on this link:
Rockabye Baby CD Review

When you comment, make sure you include your first name and e-mail address so we can let you know you’ve won. You also might also want to add your e-mail to the mailing list for this blog so that you know when we have our next contest! The deadline for this contest is February 8th. Good luck!


  1. It is always ok to show compassion and love for one another. It is never ok to show anger in a physical way towards another person or neglect someone in need of your help. Your best tool is being the best role model you can be. I catch myself numerous times a day biting my tounge and stopping to breathe when I get upset over something or if I want to take the easy way out b/c I don't have time to stop & do what I should. I have to remember that my children are watching me and will do as they see me do, and not necessarily as I say. Thanks!
    Kelly Deaton - (aka)

  2. Well having 4 children myself I must say what works for one might not work for the other so it is truly trial and error. What I found that does work is consistency. If you say no and they keep going back to do the same thing over, you must correct them every time. I know it gets repetitive, but they will learn by repeat behavior. For example: Riley refuses to stay in his bed for nap time. You gently lead Riley back to bed and let him know why he must stay. You leave, he shows up in the living room again for the 9th time. Again, like a robot repeat it without anger or frustration. You leave, he finally stays. Mission accomplished finally, as you collapse and cry cause that is just one thing to teach him and we haven't even got to the potty training. LOL Goodluck!

  3. I'm fairly new at this parenting thing. I've got a 8 month-old who is starting to get into everything. He doesn't quite understand "NO" so when I want him to stop what he is doing, I distract him. I use whatever I can, a toy, my voice, even my dog!

    Enjoying the other comments. Will use these as my son grows up.


  4. My 10 month old is just learning about rules and boundaries, and I'm relearning. Being that I am a work from home mom I always have my phone near me and she always wants to play with it. I take it away from her, say no, and repeat this numerous times a day. When we are at a friend or family members house they see no problem in giving her their phone as a toy. Again, I simply repeat but find myself also teaching the adults that what mommy says goes.


  5. Here's what I've found...our goal for disciplining in the early years is to know by the time they start school is that we have their hearts--no matter what. Meaning, when we do need to discipline we go in a "full circle" and talk about what behavior needed correcting, explaining what the consequence is (i.e. time-out, etc.), a chance for them to say sorry, and then a hug and "I love you" before going into the consequence administered. No matter what my children do, they know that there will always be a consequence and that we still love them very much. Most of the time, they are going into the consequence with a "happy heart" or "even-though-I-did-something-bad,-mommy/daddy-still-loves-me" attitude.

    Still takes a lot of consistency and work on our part, though!! :)

    chigirljenn at yahoo dot com

  6. I loved all the comments! Thank you all for sharing your insights. I completely agree that consistency, love, and being good role-models are essential parts of any behavior management plan. Consistency is not only one of the most important, but one of the hardest, especially when there are two adults involved!!

    Anyway, I digress. :) The winner of this month's contest is... Lucky #5! (chigirljenn at yahoo dot com). Congrats!